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Are you tired of Losing Sleep due to money troubles

If you're experiencing feelings of isolation and being overwhelmed by financial challenges,


And you have a strong desire to improve your situation and regain control over your finances

We're here to help. Our collaborative approach involves creating a personalized spending plan and debt elimination strategy tailored to your specific needs, empowering you to embark on a journey towards financial freedom!.


Recognizing your identity in Christ can provide a solid framework upon which to build your life and financial well-being.

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How it Works...

Step One

Please arrange a convenient date and time for your complimentary consultation.

Step Two

Reach out to your coach and obtain guidance on your financial circumstances.

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Step Three

Collaborate with your coach to establish a path towards financial success and cultivate a state of financial tranquility!

One-on-One Financial Coaching
Can Help You

  • Achieve financial freedom through a customized debt repayment strategy.

  • Enhance your financial management skills for healthier relationships.

  • Successfully eliminate your student loan burden.

  • Establish and maintain a practical monthly budget.

  • Equip yourself for homeownership with effective financial planning.

  • Secure your future by developing a comprehensive retirement plan, among other valuable financial strategies

  • When it comes to questioning and answering in the context of financial coaching, there are a few key aspects to consider. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect throughout the process:
    Initial Assessment: The financial coaching process usually begins with an initial assessment session. During this session, you and the financial coach will discuss your current financial situation, goals, challenges, and any specific areas you'd like to focus on. This conversation helps the coach understand your needs and tailor the coaching plan accordingly. Goal Setting: Once the initial assessment is complete, the financial coach will work with you to establish clear and achievable financial goals. These goals can range from short-term objectives, such as paying off debt or creating a budget, to long-term aspirations like saving for retirement or purchasing a home. Customized Plan: With your goals in mind, the financial coach will help you create a customized plan that outlines the necessary steps and strategies to achieve those goals. This plan may include specific action items, budgeting techniques, debt management strategies, savings plans, and investment recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances. Coaching Sessions: The coaching process typically involves several one-on-one sessions with your financial coach. These sessions can take place in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing, depending on your preferences and location. The duration and frequency of the sessions may vary, but in your case, it would involve 1.5 to 2 hours of personal coaching per session. Ongoing Support: Throughout the coaching process, your financial coach will provide ongoing support and guidance. They will help you stay accountable to your goals, offer advice and insights, address any challenges or obstacles that arise, and provide encouragement along the way. This support ensures that you have a partner in your financial journey who can help you navigate through various situations and stay on track. Progress Evaluation: Periodically, your financial coach will evaluate your progress towards your goals and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. This evaluation helps ensure that you are making steady progress and staying aligned with your objectives. It also allows for modifications to the plan if circumstances change or new opportunities arise. Overall, the financial coaching process is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized approach to managing your finances. It goes beyond traditional financial services by focusing on your specific needs and helping you develop a holistic financial strategy. With the guidance and support of a financial coach, you can gain clarity, overcome challenges, and work towards achieving financial peace and stability.
  • "I'm struggling financially, so I'm unsure how to afford coaching fees."
    Coaching can actually improve your financial situation instead of worsening it. It helps you develop positive money habits and resolve your financial issues. Instead of just managing the symptoms, coaching addresses the root causes of debt and prevents future problems. Considering the long-term costs and consequences of other options like bankruptcy, it's worth asking yourself if you can afford not to seek help from a coach. Additionally, working with a coach who understands your situation provides personalized guidance to establish good money habits. Remember, there's no need to feel ashamed of your financial struggles when working with a coach—they are there to support and uplift you, regardless of your background or income level.
  • If the timing isn't ideal for me to embark on a financial freedom journey right now, what should I do?
    We believe it's best to start your financial freedom journey even in the midst of challenging circumstances, as waiting for ideal conditions may not be sustainable in the real world. Beginning during difficult times allows you to build resilience and maintain focus when faced with future challenges. Start now to stay committed and prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • If you find that you don't enjoy the financial freedom journey process, what alternatives can you explore?
    While it's true that the financial freedom journey can be challenging and require you to face difficult aspects, it is the only path to achieve the desired financial freedom for you and your family. By fully committing to the work, processes, and implementation, you will ultimately experience the true value and peace that comes with being financially free.


My name is Omar Cosme

I am eager to offer guidance and support to individuals facing financial challenges, particularly within marriages, by sharing the hope found in the Word of God. Together, we can explore a proven plan for success rooted in biblical truth.

In my own marriage, I realized that avoiding financial discussions hindered our intimacy and prevented us from experiencing the fullness God desired for us. To bring about a change, we sought financial guidance from Dave Ramsey and made a joint decision to follow his principles.


This transformative journey led me to become a certified Ramsey Financial Coach, enabling me to assist others in overcoming their money-related anxieties and helping couples align their visions and intentions.

By taking meaningful steps towards our financial goals with a God-centered and stewardship-focused approach, we discovered hope and unity as a family. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to guide individuals, particularly those facing financial challenges within marriage, towards hope through the Word of God and a proven plan based on biblical truth.

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