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We Thrive

To offer the balance. God! Family! Business!

Today You Are You, That Is Truer Than True.

There Is No One Alive Who Is Youer Than You.

~ Dr. Seuss

Be the Hero

Let us handle the details

Cup of Coffee

Professional Bookkeeping

Everything you need to keep your

business organized.  Read More>>

Consultant at work

Personal Bookkeeping

Everything you need to keep your

personal finances in check. Read more>>

Virtual Assistance

Makes your life easier, and saves you time and money. More free time for your personal life.  Read more>>

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As your accountability partner, I help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Read more>>


Meet The Team

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Copy of Eunice PIC.jpg

Eunice Cosme
Professional Bookkeeper

Originally from Portugal and I speak three different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Love spending time with my family and enjoy cooking, walking and reading.


Besides my family, we are passionate about providing the best service. We believe education is a lifelong pursuit and we promise to never stop learning to provide you with the best service possible.  We thrive to save business owners and organizations the time to allow them to increase profits by focusing on the right technology available.

RRPhotography-12 (1).jpg

I’m originally from Puerto Rico, and bilingual in English and Spanish. I’m married to a beautiful girl (Eunice) and together we have two wonderful kids. My passion is to provide the best service and help more people understand and create a better legacy for their families. I am an experienced and knowledgeable financial & marriage coach, ready to work with you to ensure you and your family secure a better financial future. I currently hold several licenses and coaching certificates. Over the years, We have had the privilege of working with numerous people and companies of different economic, and different backgrounds helping them pay off debt, stay out of it, and help them secure a better future for themselves and their families by creating a legacy. Come and join our family online on FB @coachomarcosme


Priscilla Chastain
Executive Manager

Priscilla's duties with VirtualCBS include scheduling meetings, working with clients, running payroll, and helping with all of the background work that goes into keeping a successful business running smoothly. In addition, Priscilla is married with two fur-babies and a roommate (THE CAT). 

Meet The Team
Support Team

Support Team


Lola & Paco
Support Team

Don't let the cuteness fool you, they are keeping a close eye on the day-to-day. So far, they have imprinted their own paws into the day's schedule so they can get as much affection from the team as they can. 


Zen Manager

Lexie is our daily reminder to enjoy the journey and to take time to relax and spend some quiet time meditating.

She is a pro in the meditation stuff.

What our clients are saying?

Susan, Owner of Freedom Bookkeeping Solutions LLC

I love working with Priscilla because she is smart, efficient and very easy to work with. She has helped me so much with my company organization. Invaluable!

Alicia, Owner of Therapeutic Bookkeeping LLC

Priscilla has jumped into the admin team role like a boss and handling lots of big projects behind the scenes for us; seriously your slack trainings are amazing - thank you so much!

Kierston, Owner of Bookkeeping for Contractors LLC

Currently she helps with onboarding and creating contracts. Priscilla pretty much does all the things in a very organized way.

-I'm lucky to have her!

Kendra, Owner of Nice Flippin Homes LLC

I love working with Priscilla because she is very communicative and organized, she helped us with a lot of administrative projects and was able to help streamline and simplify our processes.

How WE Can

Help You

Professional Bookeeping

Business Focus

We are here to serve alongside your business or organization and bring our focus to you.

Bank Reconciliations

Your Dedicated Virtual CBS Bookkeeping Specialist will handle the monthly bank reconciliation for you while ensuring accuracy and providing peace of mind to your business or organization.

Financial Statements & Reports

You're a business owner, not an accountant.  Let our team of experts help you navigate the world of Financial Reports so you have the info you need for business decisions.

Cloud-Based & Secure

Our system meets the standard of bank-level security. You can rest assured your data is safe and secure with us.

Accounts Payable

Our unique Virtual CBS Bookkeeping team make 

managing and paying your bills quick and easy.


As an employer, an entirely new set of complexities emerge.  Let our team of experts provide the knowledge and expertise required to maintain compliance, but make your job easier.

Finance Expertise

Our team has years of experience and we know what it takes.  We provide our wealth of knowledge to your business so you can rest assured everything is above reproach and compliant.

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